A plan to lead us over the next five years and build on the ambitions and direction of our heritage.

It is an exciting time in Kambala’s 131-year history as we look to the future and plan for the critical areas that will make a difference in the education of girls.

At its heart, Kambala’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023 focuses on four strategic pillars:

Academic excellence

Kambala inspires academic excellence, with the School consistently ranking among the top non-selective girls’ schools in Sydney. We will help our girls become intellectually curious; empower them to inquire; drive them to question; and inspire them to reach their potential and make a difference.

Attracting and retaining the best educators and staff will remain a focus. At the heart of the Kambala experience is the relationship between teacher and student.


Within the Kambala community, support for each other is generous and real, providing a place of belonging for our girls. In a very real sense, we are community school, largely drawing students from our local area. We are a blended community, with a boarding heritage and international program that enriches life at Kambala and broadens the perspectives for our girls. Relationships and connections are strengthened through the Kambala Parents’ Association (KPA) and Kambala Old Girls’ Union (KOGU).


Kambala is a caring and supportive school. Our well-developed pastoral care and student wellbeing structures ensure a safe and caring environment where every girl is known and her unique qualities and talents are valued. We see a direct link between a girl’s enjoyment of school and academic output. We know that valued and appreciated staff make outstanding educators. We are committed to staff development and wellbeing.

Sense of place

As custodians of Kambala, we will protect and enhance our beautiful campus for the benefit of future generations of Kambala girls. Our vision is to create an unrivalled dynamic learning environment, with key learning precincts for specific subject areas; an enhanced sporting precinct for students to excel in their chosen field; and a disciplined program of building upgrades and works focused on renewal and rejuvenation of the site.

To learn more, download the Kambala Strategic Plan 2019-2023.