​Overlooking the iconic and picturesque Sydney harbour, Kambala’s boarding homes provide a nurturing and supportive boarding experience for our girls.

Boarding holds a special place in our community; a proud Kambala tradition.


Our boarding community is made up of young women from across Australia and overseas, adding vibrance and diversity to our school community.

We welcome boarders from Year 7-12 from rural Australia and overseas. Our caring and nurturing staff ensure that every girl is well cared for and involved with the boarding and greater school community.


Weekly routine
  Monday to Thursday Friday
7.00am to 8.15am Wake-up Breakfast Order lunch Prepare for school Wake-up Breakfast Order lunch Prepare for school
8.15am Leave for school Leave for school
8.20am Boarding house closed for school hours Boarding house closed for school hours
3.20pm to 4.00pm Afternoon tea Afternoon tea
4.00pm to 5.30pm Leisure time, if no extra-curricular activity Leisure time if no extra-curricular activity May depart for weekend leave
5.30pm to 6.10pm Dinner Dinner
6.10pm to 6.30pm Prepare books for Prep (homework/revision) Tuesdays evening Prayer Service Recreation activity or leisure time in house
6.30pm to 10.30pm Prep (homework/revision) and bedtimes depending on age (see Prep and Bedtimes sections of our Boarding Handbook) Weekday bedtimes
Weekend routine Structured activities and weekend sport ensure that boarders always have plenty of options as to how they spend their time. Increased flexibility is given to Year 11 and 12 boarders and all girls have access to the Senior School Library over the course of the weekend.

The Director of Boarding and her team of resident staff, counsellors and nurses ensure that every girl feels safe and happy and has the structure she needs to manage her academic and personal life away from home. Each girl is paired with a mentor who acts as a guide and friend in the early stages of the boarding experience.

To help boarders structure their time in a positive way and to develop and maintain productive study habits, Kambala employs in-house tutors who support girls with homework every evening. Technology enables boarding parents to have greater personal involvement with their daughter’s learning, including group Skype sessions with the student and her teachers.

The Boarding House shuts down and boarders travel home or stay with friends or family during school holiday periods and long weekends. There are a number of major community events such as the annual Festival of Music, as well as boarding parent social events, providing parents with additional opportunities to be with their daughter and to connect with other Kambala families.

Boarders and their families can communicate with one another via a range of approved mediums, including phone and video calls and email. Unnecessary phone communication with parents during the school day is discouraged but there are no restrictions on communication outside of school hours.

Some Boarders choose to apply for weekend leave to go home or stay with friends/relatives. There are no restrictions on weekend leave. All students are discouraged from missing school during term time.

Boarders meet in the ambient Tivoli Dining Hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Catering staff provide the girls with nutritious and varied options for each meal and snack.

Breakfast always includes a continental spread with staples as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices, muesli and yoghurt. A different dish is cooked daily for lunch and is accompanied by a salad bar. Dinners focus on providing girls with comforting, home-cooked meals packed with nutrients.

The Boarding staff ensure that caterers receive feedback about meals and menus so that they can keep the girls feeling happy and healthy about their eating habits. Senior boarders also have the option to occasionally cook for themselves.

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