Junior School

The Junior School is a vibrant and active part of Kambala for girls from Preparation to Year 6. Here the focus shifts to fostering a deeper sense of community and togetherness.

Developing and enhancing learning skills is of prime importance for the academic endeavours of our Junior School girls.


For girls in Preparation to Year 6, the Junior School provides a vibrant and active environment where coming to school is an adventure. During these important foundational years of schooling, we focus on developing learning skills to enhance personal and academic excellence.

We offer a rich and varied curriculum that makes learning fun and ensures that every child has the opportunity to participate in activities that stimulate and interest them. Our students are encouraged to pursue excellence in all that they do – whether it be through academic, sporting or creative endeavour.

There are two classes at each year level from Preparation to Year 4. In Years 5 and 6 there are three classes in each grade. Classrooms are complemented by shaded outdoor play areas, a sensory garden and outdoor amphitheatre to promote play-based learning experiences.

By the end of a girl’s time in the Junior School phase of her education at Kambala, she will not only have obtained an excellent academic foundation, she will also have been exposed to a variety of social and cultural experiences which serve to develop her independence and confidence.


The development of literacy and numeracy skills is vitally important for primary-aged children. At Kambala, our students consistently perform well above state and national averages in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).

Students in Preparation to Year 6 study a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that is based on the following key learning areas:

These key learning areas are determined by the NSW Board of Studies. Learning is further enriched with specialist teachers delivering lessons in Art, Dance, Drama, French, Learning Support, Library and Information Skills, Music, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Private tuition is also available in Speech and Drama, Instrumental Music and select sports.

Social and emotional learning activities are a key focus for students in Preparation to Year 2, creating a safe and supportive learning environment and promoting a sense of belonging among students.

A Kambala education

Allows students to make decisions and choices regarding their learning
Encourages collaboration and shared thinking
Promotes learning in the six Key Learning Areas
Provides integrated experiences which cultivate curiosity
Provides opportunities to document, assess and reflect on student learning
Fosters independence and responsibility


All Junior School students learn French as a second language.


All Junior School students participate in the Classroom Music Program for one lesson per week that integrates singing, aural training, music theory, improvising, composing, playing and moving. Students also learn an instrument under group classroom tuition in the Junior School Instrumental Music Program, offered once a week.


Gifted and talented students are given more complex and challenging learning experiences. Differentiated and individualised programs and groupings cater for students of all abilities. Mathematics is streamed in most year levels and there is the opportunity for acceleration if required. An extra class is also provided at each year level for Mathematics. The Junior School Learning Enrichment Teacher assists both remedial learners and gifted students where needs arise.




Through department events, classroom visits and special celebrations for grandparents, mothers and fathers, families are warmly welcomed and embraced by our community.

Special occasions such as Grandparents’ Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated each year in the Junior School by hosting family events.

An art exhibition is held each year to display a selection of the many amazing artworks created by the students from Preparation to Year 2.

Three sports days are held each year, one for our youngest girls in the Preparation classes, one for students in Transition to Year 2 and another for students in Years 3 to 6. These events are great opportunities for the students to showcase their sporting skills and teamwork.
At Easter and Christmas, Preparation to Year 2 students and their families attend services at St Michael’s Church at Vaucluse. Through prayer and song, students celebrate these important occasions.
To help develop a sense of generosity and compassion in our Junior students, a variety of charities are supported through our fundraising efforts. Mufti days and special fundraising days are held throughout the year.
In August each year students in Preparation to Year 2 celebrate Book Week by hosting a number of activities. Students may donate books to the Library and dress up as a favourite book character. An author/illustrator is invited to talk to the students about his/her books.
In Years 3 to 6 each class presents one assembly per term in the Multi-Purpose Room. Parents attend and enjoy varied presentations. The students in the class run the Assembly and are keen to display their public speaking skills.
Once a year the Junior School holds an Open Day, inviting parents to join their daughters at School. This day is open to the whole community and provides the opportunity to see the girls participating in a wide variety of activities. The Music Department organise a showcase of music talent in the afternoon and a special assembly is held for students in Prep to Year 2 and their guests.
Each year, Years 4 and 6 produce their own ‘mini-production’. These are ‘mini’ only in name and are always colourful and impressive evening performances. Each script is carefully written so that every student has her moment in the spotlight. Drama, dance and song are all important components of the performance.

The Annual Inter-house Festival of Music involves students from Years 3 to 6, who sing as a combined choir on the Concert Hall Stage in the first half of this wonderful night of music.

The day is devoted to enjoying French cooking, music, art, history and geography. It is a fun day where many parents become actively involved in various activities with their daughter.

Extra Curricular



OSHClub Kambala runs a Before and After School Care program at the School.

Before School Care: starts from 7.10am
After-school Care: operates until 6.00pm

The program runs during term time only. Attendance is available on a permanent or casual basis.

Vacation Care

Operating hours from 7.00am to 6.00pm