The Kambala community is a special one, comprised of former and current students, staff and families, as well as members of the wider community.

There are many opportunities for members of our community to become involved in or remain part of Kambala life.


We are grateful for the many gifts provided by Old Girls, parents both current and past, grandparents, staff and friends. These gifts support financial initiatives including scholarships & bursaries, the preservation, maintenance and development of facilities and teacher professional development programs, all of which underpin Kambala’s tradition of excellence.


The Kambala Parents’ Association supports and serves the School through programs, campaigns and events to:

  • raise funds,
  • engage the community, and
  • provide support to students and staff.

The Association also provides assistance in the School Canteen and Uniform Shop, and fosters community spirit through social events.

Membership to the KPA is automatic for all parents or carers of girls attending Kambala. Many parents have reported a deep sense of satisfaction from their valuable contribution to the School through their involvement in the KPA.



Kambala Old Girls (KOG) is the official association for former students who completed part or all of their education at Kambala. All former students are considered Kambala Old Girls.

Formed in 1896, KOG aims to engage and support Kambala Old Girls to maintain a meaningful connection with each other and the School. KOG strives to stay connected to all Old Girls, no matter where in the world they may live.

KOG has a strong and diverse community of more than 7,000 Old Girls and offers an active portfolio of events and experiences for all ages.

The connection to the Kambala community has been and continues to be very strong for former Kambala students. Current enrolment statistics reveal that former Kambala girls are more likely to send their daughters to Kambala than any other school in the Sydney area.

For any enquiries, please contact the KOG Relations Manager.

On the KOG website, Old Girls are able to see and register details for events and reunions, share their news, find and reconnect with old friends and become involved in career advice or mentoring.


Kambala’s Indigenous Program’s aim is to offer support for outstanding educational opportunities for young indigenous women. As a School, we cannot and should not turn away from the hardships of entrenched locational disadvantage, no matter how difficult.

Through our Indigenous Program, we hold hope that the young women and future generations in their communities will have better opportunities than what is currently available to them.

Through the Program, we will provide every young woman the opportunity to shine, to learn to lead as young women of purpose and integrity and to be an inspiration for other young indigenous women.