Educating and empowering Indigenous girls to make strong and positive contributions to their family, community and nation as citizens and leaders.


  • To educate and empower Indigenous girls so they can go on to make a strong and positive contribution to their family, community and nation as citizens and leaders.
  • To enrich the lives of all Kambala girls and the wider community, educationally and personally, through the presence of Indigenous students.
  • To educate a minimum of two students per cohort from Years 7 to 12, all as boarders through the Yalari Scholarship Program.

Future goals

  • To develop a Kambala Mentor Family Program for our Indigenous students. This would include training and support for participating families.
  • Introduce a stand-alone Kambala Indigenous Scholarship for Indigenous girls to attend Kambala (i.e. for the School community to fully-fund a girl from Years 7 through 12 that is not co-funded or funded by Yalari).
  • Support beyond Kambala – tertiary education, university accommodation, work experience opportunities.

Current focus

We are raising funds to fill the gap for things that Abstudy and the Yalari Scholarship don’t fully cover. We believe in giving our Indigenous students at Kambala an equal opportunity to participate in all that our School offers.

Currently the Indigenous student funding at Kambala is made up of three components:

  1. Private funding from Kambala families
  2. Abstudy (Federal Government Funding)
  3. Yalari Scholarships

To learn more about sponsoring a student for a year or more, contact the Principal.

Make a donation

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