Tomalin Jenner, Year 11 IB student

Kambala Student, Tomalin Jenner, embarked on the IB Programme at the start of 2018. Six months in, she believes the Programme has resulted in growth as a person and as a learner. Tomalin shares her IB experience with us.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme has been a rewarding experience, one in which I have been able to grow as a person and as a learner in my first six months of studying the course. I chose to study the IB for an array of reasons, the main being that I love the concept of the ‘well-rounded IB student’; I believe that it is important to be a holistic person. By obtaining knowledge from several unique areas, a student can discover their speciality and potential. I found this aspect to be quite attractive, as in the past I had struggled when it came to discovering my academic speciality/interests. The IB course is particularly well suited to students who have a range of interests, in particular, girls who participate in various extra curricular activities.

The Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) branch of the IB is encouraging me to extend myself outside the classroom in order to develop my character and foster personal growth. CAS has inspired my attempts at gardening and my introduction to tennis – activities that I would not have considered otherwise. The added challenges of the IB have enriched my learning by motivating me to expand upon new and different areas.

When applying to study the IB, I didn’t necessarily know what the student-teacher dynamic would be like. As part of being in a small class, I have built close working relationships with all of my teachers. This has allowed for more enjoyable classes and personalised lessons that suit the needs of both me and my classmates. Although I am part of a completely different course to my Higher School Certificate (HSC) friends, I have maintained strong relationships with each of them. I don’t feel any less connected to my friends studying the HSC and believe that our differing areas of study has resulted in stronger friendships; we work just a little harder to connect, which has shown me the true value of endearing friendships.

The Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class is an enlightening element of the IB Programme that has prompted all-encompassing philosophical discussions where students are able to critically examine ‘facts’. This has helped me to develop and grow as a student because I have been encouraged to think analytically and discover what constitutes ‘reliable information’ in a globalised world. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to study the IB Diploma Programme and would thoroughly recommend it to students considering it.

The end of high school does not mean the end of learning – a sentiment that Kambala instills in its senior students in their final years of study. To learn more about IB at Kambala, please join us at the IB Information Evening, Monday 18 June, to discover how your daughter can benefit from ‘The IB Edge’. Click here to register your attendance.