How to prepare for a new student interview

Tracy Mulligan, Director of Enrolments


Parents often express surprise that new girls and their parents are asked to participate in an interview prior to commencement at Kambala. We are frequently asked what girls need to do in order to prepare for these interviews. These sessions are aimed at gathering information so that the School can support your daughter in her academic endeavours and ensure her emotional wellbeing is met.

It is important to keep in mind that these interviews are not a pass or fail test. Since the sessions take place after an offer of a place at Kambala has been made, they have no bearing on your daughter’s enrolment. The first rule is to relax!

With that in mind, there are a number of steps that you can take to streamline the process and enable you to make the most of this opportunity.

  1. Take the time to tour Kambala. Our school generally offers places two years prior to commencement. Around that time, many new families take the opportunity to experience Kambala on a normal school day, touring the campus with the Director of Enrolments. This process can help you determine if Kambala is the right choice for your family. Kambala is a non-selective school, this means that places at Kambala are determined by the date of applications, with some priority given to daughters of Old Girls and Kambala siblings.

  2. Come to the new student interview prepared, with any questions written down. Interviews take place in the year prior to commencement. New girls and their parents will be invited to meet with the Principal and the Head of Senior or Junior School. This is an opportunity to meet with senior staff and address any issues that you may have, ensuring your daughter’s education journey at Kambala has the best possible start.

  3. Have an understanding of the format of the interview. Generally, Jane Danvers, Principal, will welcome you to Kambala and provide an overview of the School’s values. Carolyn Gedling Deputy Principal – Academics, Joanne Sarmiento Deputy Principal – Wellbeing and Boarding and Stuart Coppin Deputy Principal – Head of Junior School will outline our education program. Girls commencing in Years 8 to 11, will also meet other staff members to discuss their subject options.

  4. Bring supporting documentation with you. We request copies of your daughter’s most recent school report and NAPLAN results as part of the enrolment process. These documents assist our teaching staff to meet the educational needs of your daughter. Older girls will also sit tests in English, Mathematics and General Ability as part of the induction process. These tests are not entrance examinations. Rather, the results allow us to allocate appropriate teaching staff and to support your daughter’s needs.

New student interviews are a time to be inquisitive. We welcome questions and hope that you enjoy this experience as you join the Kambala community.