The first School Council was convened in October 1926. There are currently 13 Councillors, comprising Old Girls and current and past parents of Kambala. The composition of the Council must include two members appointed by the Kambala Old Girls’ Union (KOGU) and two members appointed by the Archbishop of the Sydney Anglican Archdiocese.

Councillors are nominated based on the skills they can offer to the governance of the School. Council uses a skills matrix to assist with identifying candidates for membership  and then makes recommendations to the Members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting on individuals standing for election.

The School Council meets at least eight times a year. The Principal attends all Council meetings. There are five sub-committees of the Council, namely the Property Committee, IT Committee, Finance Committee, Investment Committee and Nominations Committee. Each sub-committee has its own Charter of Governance.

The Council has the ultimate responsibility for setting the strategic direction and for the overall governance of the School. The Council appoints the Principal and delegates to the Principal the leadership and management of the School. The Principal is accountable to the Council.

The Council sub committees that are in current operation are: