What Are the Benefits of an All Girls’ Education?

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It is, after all, about women for women, for now and the future: their welfare, safety, agency, leadership, support.

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Exponents of co-education who tout it as a superior model to single-sex education, frequently base their reasoning on social adjustment rather than academic outcomes and individual confidence. Girls educated in a single-sex environment gain the benefit of not only an education tailored to the learning styles and needs of girls, but they are also more frequently exposed to strong female role models who exemplify what women can achieve in life beyond school. Clarissa Farr, a principal of Queenswood School in the UK observed, “Girls’ schools are known for getting excellent academic results … Less well known is the way they prepare women to take centre stage in the modern world.”

Perhaps as important as scholarship and world-readiness for girls and young women, is self-confidence and resilience in our current COVID-driven world of upheaval and uncertainty. The Alliance of Girls’ Schools released a research paper last week headlining a UK study, that found girls from single-sex schools are mentally tougher than girls from co-ed schools – in particular, that they are generally more confident and emotionally in control. (eBrief, 11/2021)

Mental toughness determines how someone manages challenges, opportunities, stress and pressure. It is closely aligned with a growth mindset, resilience, grit and learned optimism (AQR International, 2021). Kambala definitely wants its girls – at this time especially – to consciously leverage their mental toughness, regardless of their year level or academic aptitude. The Chief Executive of AQR said recently, “This has significant implications for much of the population, during and after the pandemic. It shows the importance of … an individual’s and organisation’s mental toughness. Differences in mental toughness may well have widened during the pandemic.” (Strycharczyk, 2021)

The character traits cited above are crucial for every girl to develop throughout her schooling and life. We trust that their mental toughness benefits from the advantage of being in a single-sex environment where they develop strong friendships, great teamwork skills, a love of learning and empathy for each other, their teachers and family. Kambala makes no apologies for overtly tailoring every aspect of our broad educational program to benefit girls.

 About the Author

Dr Amanda Bell AM

Dr Amanda Bell AM was appointed to the position of Interim Principal at Kambala, commencing 1 July 2021. Dr Bell is highly qualified and brings with her a wealth of experience in the education sector, specifically the education of young women. As well as her tenure as Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School from 2002 to 2012, Dr Bell was Principal of The Women’s College within The University of Sydney until the end of 2019.

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