Caring For Your Daughter At Boarding School

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Joining a boarding school promises adventure, educational benefits, lifelong friendships and memories. But as with any adventure, there can be times where things are not going as well as your daughter may have hoped, whether that be assignments seeming insurmountable, an injury while playing sport, or just regular old homesickness. Cherie Brodie, Kambala’s Director of Boarding has seen it all, and knows how parents can continue to ‘care’ for their daughters from afar.

Regular communication with your daughter is vital, not just for a smooth transition into boarding life, but also for ongoing support after that first night away from home. “Communication, encouragement and positivity are vital to your daughter’s success.” Cherie said. “Whilst parents are often dealing with their own feelings of guilt and sadness, they are hopefully compensated by the knowledge that their daughter is happy and content in her boarding life and surrounded by support.”

Support and care at Kambala comes in many forms, and Cherie knows there is a time and a place for its different forms. “Although all members of staff will express their willingness to support, often there may be particular individuals with whom the boarder is more inclined to lean on. As a team the staffing cohort will see the value in such a resource, if available.” If friendship groups or Boarding staff are not sufficient, then there is further professional assistance on hand. “Boarding works closely with our onsite counsellors through regular meetings with each year group and one on one referrals for many issues, including homesickness.”

Learning to tackle homesickness is one area of emotional development that Boarders benefit from but how can girls shape other skills such as problem-solving early? According to Cherie, it starts with the parents. “Lead by example. Demonstrate problem-solving strategies as part of general day-to-day living and remember to give genuine positive reinforcement where it is merited, teenagers can support insincerity a mile off!” 

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Cherie Brodie

Cherie Brodie is the School’s Director of Boarding and has many years’ experience in boarding houses and education.

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