The Role of Mothers at Kambala

Posted by Kambala

Kambala is a place that is characterised by warmth. Much of this comes from the relationship between our mothers and daughters, and the meaning and purpose derived from this precious bond. Our mothers here on the fair hill of flowers, are diverse but committed universally to giving their daughters the gift of education. They are doctors, scientists, lawyers, media personalities, architects, financiers and executives­ – impressive role models for our students to see and aspire to become. However, more importantly, it is who they are that makes them so worthy of celebration. They are women who are kind, authentic, sometimes fierce, resilient, determined and generous of spirit; fine exemplars of our School Values of Humanity, Courage, Curiosity and Respect.

Mother’s Day is a special day and I must, therefore, acknowledge the diversity of circumstances within our Kambala community. On this day of celebration, we take time to reflect on those who are separated from loved ones and their mothers, those who have been on a fertility journey or going through tough times, and indeed, those who have lost their mothers. I hope that you take the time to connect with your loved ones and feel nourished and supported.

At Kambala, we look forward to celebrating mums at annual events such as the Years 3 to 12 Mother’s Day Breakfast and Mums in Massie for Preparation to Year 2. This year, the Kambala Parents’ Association (KPA) donated much time and effort to create a voucher-based Mother’s Day stall. Students from Prep to Year 12 delighted in visiting and choosing gifts, ranging from stationery, tea packs and jewellery. Through this initiative, the KPA has raised close to $15,000 which it will donate to a local women’s charity. The girls have been encouraged to vote on a charity they feel is close to their hearts. Truly, I cannot think of a finer example of perspective: building warmth and generosity of spirit whilst powerfully demonstrating our School Values in action.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we support them. May we raise them.


Stuart Coppin

Stuart Coppin is Head of Junior School at Kambala. He has held this position for the past five years and previously worked in leadership roles at leading independent girls’ schools in Brisbane and Sydney. His career spans more than twenty years, from when he commenced teaching in rural and remote Australian schools with Indigenous children. He is passionate about education and educational research into best practices for girls and their learning. Mr Coppin holds a Master of Education in addition to a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and post-graduate studies in Psychology.

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