The Courage to Succeed in School

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Courage – With strength of character, we bravely pursue truth, embrace challenges, evaluate risks, learn from setbacks, follow our convictions and build resilience.

Courage isn’t just taking on an impressive challenge or physical feat like paragliding, although adrenaline junkies might disagree. When it comes to the classroom environment, every aspect of learning is a challenge, and requires just as much of a leap as bungee jumping.

Simply raising your hand in class, seeking guidance when you need it, maintaining a growth mindset or even just opening the first page of an exam paper, all epitomise what it means to be courageous in learning. Being courageous in our day-to-day school life might involve trying new things outside of the classroom, knowing when to speak up, creating new relationships and striving to be the best version of yourself.

Courage is so important during our school years because it’s the key to unlocking your potential. Without courage, no responsible risks are taken and therefore nothing is achieved.

Courage is about pushing past that first daunting step, even when the easy option is to stay in our comfort zone. This is such a valuable quality not only in our school lives, but also when we venture into life beyond Year 12 when we go after our aspirations, inspire changes and make the most out of life.

This year I finally decided to join the Theatresports team. Although I love drama­ – improvisation and being ‘put on the spot’ has always terrified me. I ended up having so much fun in the competition and will definitely be participating in more in the future. However, if I didn’t show courage and didn’t give it a go, I would never have discovered my enjoyment for this aspect of performing.

The arrival of COVID-19 last year was a challenging time for our year group as we were navigating the beginning of Year 11 and the HSC curriculum. However, despite wi-fi issues on Zoom meetings, a lack of face-to-face interaction and only seeing each other through tiny squares, the 2021 cohort still managed to keep our unique spirit alive. During the period of online learning, each girl displayed courage through independent learning and maintaining a positive outlook even when times were uncertain.

Courage is one of the most important core values of Kambala. It’s about doing things that are often difficult, taking action and overcoming setbacks. I encourage every girl to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and take advantage of the incredible opportunities we are given to make the most of our education both inside and outside of the classroom.

About the Author

Madeline Kunstler

Madeline Kunstler is a Year 12 HSC student having started at Kambala in Prep, 2008. She is a proud member of Hawthorne and enjoys her roles within both the Drama and Music community.

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