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I’m grateful to have the role of Advocacy Prefect at Kambala, as it has allowed me to learn and advocate for issues that I care about such as human welfare. It also allows me to encourage my fellow students to do the same. Given the amazing opportunities we are offered at Kambala, I think it’s important for students to understand how they can help others in both their local and global community.

During Term 1, we held Advocacy Week at Kambala to support one of St John’s community services, called Rough Edges, a not-for-profit organisation that assists people in Sydney who are homeless or experiencing domestic violence.

Homelessness impacts approximately one in 200 Australians every night, with a third of those people being under 18 years of age. Rough Edges provides a safe, friendly living space along with free meals to those in need. Another aspect of Rough Edges is its Banksia Women program, which offers support to women who have experienced domestic violence, including case management, cooking classes, workshops and a walking group.

Throughout the week in our Mentor groups, students learned about homelessness and the wonderful work of Rough Edges. Students also had the opportunity to hear representatives from Rough Edges speak. We heard from Ryan, St John’s community services team leader and Grace, who leads the urban walks throughout the city. In which she further shared her own experiences of homelessness and addiction. It was great to see the lecture theatre full of staff and students and we were all humbled to hear Grace’s story.

To support Rough Edges, the Advocacy Committee held a drive for essential items such as face masks, reusable shopping bags and instant coffee. On the final day, the School had a mufti day and raised $2,354.

Advocacy Week was a great opportunity to learn more about the prevalence and causes of homelessness in Australia. The Advocacy Committee hopes to foster a strong relationship with St John’s and continue to support their amazing work in the future.

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C Butterfield

Year 12 Claire Butterfield is Kambala’s Advocacy Prefect. Claire is passionate about her role. During her time at Kambala, Claire has championed The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal, attended the World Vision 40 Hour Famine student conference and volunteered at the Aboriginal Children’s Service.

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