Boarding: Preparing Your Daughter for Life Away from Home

Posted by Kambala

Deciding that your child will attend boarding school is a big move. Parents will have talked about the decision as a family, but often when the time is close lots of emotions arise from both the new boarder and the family. The most important point, from our perspective, is to talk as a family to help alleviate any initial feelings of anxiety and fear and hopefully replace them with feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.

When our new boarders leave the creature comforts of their parents’ houses it can feel like a huge transition. There’s no more magically-stocked fridge – and managing your own budget can be tricky. But there is no need to stress, we are here to help all new boarders to adjust and feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Boarding staff are highly experienced in all aspects of boarding life. We always reassure the girls that parents will only be a phone call away and the Boarding staff will always be there to help guide and answer any questions or concerns in a gentle, caring and welcoming manner.

To help students prepare for boarding school life, below are some of the things they will need to do to help them transition easily:

  • Managing a mobile phone and mobile phone data
  • Daily routine and organisation – regarding preparing the night before for the next day
  • Personal hygiene and gathering laundry
  • Following a timetable
  • Bed making
  • Managing a key card account
  • Communication with staff if they have any concerns – we are the ones who can help in the first instance.


About the Author

Cherie Brodie

Cherie Brodie is the School’s Director of Boarding and has many years’ experience in boarding houses and education.

Care and community are at the heart of a Kambala Boarding experience. Located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Kambala is a vibrant day and boarding school for girls up to 18 years of age. To learn more about boarding at Kambala, download our Prospectus, or contact Tracy Mulligan, Director of Enrolments on 02 9388 6844.