How Swimming Carnivals Ignite Passion in Girls for the Sport

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In schools, the Swimming Carnival is one of the most popular events on the School calendar. For students and parent spectators alike, the atmosphere is always palpable and enthusiastic and house spirit and rivalries are on full display in equal measure. But sporting events like the swimming carnival could offer students benefits that extend into other areas of school life.

For Luiz Ramalho, Junior School Sports Coordinator, what appeals to students and teachers the most at swimming events is the showcase of House spirit and the support that flows from the grandstands. The environment is a great opportunity for students to meet new people and affords them the time to develop and renew friendships in competition.

“What is most clear to me is how the girls have a strong desire to show their House, parents, teachers and friends the best version of themselves. Peer support, care, excitement for someone else’s success, and a great deal of diligence and focus are all expected from students during a swimming carnival. The atmosphere enables girls to gain the confidence to perform better, not just in sport but in all aspects of school life,” said Luiz.

Having taught for over 10 years in Australia and Brazil, Luiz has witnessed how from a routine of training and practise, a passion for swimming develops as skill level increases and competition is incorporated into the schedule resulting in a feeling of success. This newly-recognised purpose creates an awareness of capabilities and potential, igniting a dramatic change in general student behaviour, demeanour and motivation towards other sports.

“Swimming is a sport that has been scientifically proven to work the whole body, bringing benefits to overall fitness and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, when taking part in an event such as a swimming carnival, students are given the opportunity to create lasting memories and long-term friendships.”

“But as a sportsperson and PE teacher, I understand the nervousness that students may feel before such a big event. Here are my top tips for overcoming the nerves, enjoying the event and igniting the passion for the sport:

  • Read the program thoroughly and know the events well to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Enjoy the day and make the most of the informal atmosphere.
  • Don’t compare performances with others. Everyone performs differently.
  • Encourage and enjoy the House Spirit, peer support and sportsmanship.

At Kambala, aside from the benefits to girls as individuals, events like swimming carnivals rejuvenate the school community as a whole, bringing it together and building on the school values to provide an exceptional foundation for girls. The Kambala community holds in high regard the role sport plays in creating a positive impact to the personal and academic development of its students.

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Luiz Ramalho is the Junior School Sports Coordinator and Physical Education teacher at Kambala. He leads a team of dedicated Sports Administrators to facilitate the girls’ engagement in sport as well as their participation in Interschool competitions.