On Having the Confidence to Lead

Kirsty Beattie, Head Prefect 2019/20

Courage is defined as the ability one possesses to do something that frightens them; to persevere in the face of challenge or uncertainty. Yet, the act of leadership is often only perceived as coming from the top down and being authoritative in nature. Yet, we know that at the core of good leadership lies inspiration, encouragement and bravery. At Kambala, courage has been our focus for Term 4. To me, courage means not only demonstrating bravery, but also standing up for what you believe in, persevering in the face of adversity or difficult situations and always being fair. It means inspiring and encouraging others, working together and serving others to the best of our ability.

The quality of courage is essential in our – at times – uncertain and fragmented world, and from it often rises influential and inspiring changes. If we look at the climate activist, Greta Thunberg’s, recent and bold address to the United Nations, it is evident that behind her passion to create change for our earth’s environment is her unwavering courage to rise to a challenge, to speak to the world and address this ever-pressing global issue.

I believe that by demonstrating courage we inspire those around us to do the same. At Kambala courage is acutely present and inspiring. While it is not always easy to shift out of our comfort zones, Kambala students are surrounded by confident and creative students, teachers and parents who constantly demonstrate courage. Whether it is by speaking at Assembly, performing a musical piece, immersing oneself in a sport they have never played before, passionately attending a political rally, acting in a play, arguing fervently in a debate or standing up for a friend in the jungle of the high school friendship sphere, I have personally been inspired and motivated to find and display a similar courage.

As a younger Kambala student, I was quiet and uncertain, and it is through the challenges posed to me in the classroom and in the sporting arena that have shaped me into the individual I am today and will continue to guide me in the future. As 2020 fast approaches, I know that I and my cohort will strive to consistently demonstrate all four of Kambala’s values in order to lead and serve our school with pride.

I encourage Kambala students to step outside of their comfort zones, seek challenges, and then to reflect on the experience. When we are courageous we inspire individuals and our community as a whole to find that same courage. I will leave you with a quote from Michelle Obama to ponder, “Courage can be contagious, and hope can take a life of its own.”

About Kirsty Beattie

Kirsty is Kambala’s Year 12 Head Prefect for 2019/20. In her final year at Kambala, Kirsty hopes to continue to establish stronger bonds of friendships within the School environment with girls of different year levels as she believes that this will ensure a friendly and welcoming school environment where all girls feel accepted and can flourish. Kirsty also aspires to be a leader who is able to take a pragmatic approach to solving problems.