Shane Hogan, Principal

It brings me great pleasure to present to you the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) results for the graduating Class of 2017. I am filled with pride for our Year 12 students who have demonstrated the strength, character, and hard work that is synonymous with the ethos and spirit of Kambala.

I would like to personally congratulate Year 12 for their commitment to study and their ability to embrace the demands of the HSC and IB. It is through the combined efforts of these students, the support of their parents and the wider community, and the boundless dedication of their teachers that they have emerged victorious not just as academics, but as well-equipped young women, eager to take their first steps into the world beyond Kambala.

87 HSC and 15 IB students sat their respective examinations late last year with exceptional results, as detailed below. Please join me, along with all of our Staff, in congratulating the Class of 2017 for their completion of the HSC and IB and for making the entire Kambala community proud.



The results of our 2017 IB cohort are among the best in Australia, with our graduates achieving an overall average of 37 (equal to an ATAR of 95.85).

13 out of 15 students received an ATAR equivalent of 90 or above. 33 percent of Kambala IB students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 99 and above. 

Fifteen students were enrolled in the IB in 2017 and undertook a demanding program of study. In addition to six subjects studied, the girls also completed an individually researched Extended Essay, a Theory of Knowledge course and at least 150 hours of creativity, activity and service.

Outstanding individual achievements

Simone Norman, Christina Shin and Bridget Theophile achieved an IB score of 44 out of a possible 45 points. This score is equivalent to an ATAR of 99.85. 

Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Of the 87 students and accelerants who sat the HSC in 2017:

  • Nine students placed on the All-round Achievers List, denoting an accomplishment of a Band 6 (90% or more) across 10 or more units of study: Yoyo Choy, Chloe Grounds, Kristen Lazarus, Angelina Lockley, Katherine McGregor, Alice Nason, Eezu Tan, Rachel Wu, and Caitlin Yan.
  • 71% of students earned a place on the 2017 Distinguished Achievers List for scoring a Band 6 (90% or more) in a subject.

This year, 100% of students achieved Band 5 or 6/E3 or E4 results in the following 13 subjects: Drama, Economics, Japanese Continuers, Latin Continuers, Music 1, Music 2, Visual Arts, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Japanese Extension, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, and Music Extension.

Top Achievers

The Top Achievers List acknowledges the top 20 students in the State in each HSC subject. Kambala is proud to acknowledge two students who have been recognised as Top Achievers in the HSC in 2017: Angelina Lockley (English Extension 1, Modern History); and Rachel Wu (Japanese Extension).


Achievement in the Creative and Performing Arts

At Kambala, we believe that in addition to the Academic and Sporting accomplishments of our students, the opportunity to explore and engage in a spring of creative avenues informs and enriches the experience of the whole girl. The following students have been nominated for NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) events that exhibit exemplary works from the 2017 Higher School Certificate cohort across a range of creative subjects:


OnSTAGE – Drama nominees

  • Ticketed – group performance

Claire Begg, Emmerson Conrad, Jessica Ellison, and Selena Mantikos

  • Once Upon a Time – group performance

Grace Farren-Price, Xanthe Mitchell, Eliza Ng, and Eezu Tan.

ENCORE – Music nominees


  • Sophie Adair
  • Bijou Broun-Griffiths
  • Mikayla McEwan
  • Amelia Lewis.

ARTEXPRESS – Visual Arts nominees

  • Zoe Carolan – Fragmented Life in Dead Memory (pencil)
  • Sophie Heron – Vitam et Mortem (watercolour, charcoal, ink)
  • Lily Hickman – Indulgence (pencil)
  • Alexandra Hopkins – Hanging in the Balance (mixed media)
  • Alexandra Meyers – Fade to White (paint)
  • Emmeline Morris – Hive Mind (ink)
  • Daisy Ryan – Porcelain Portraits (oils)
  • Maria Scott – Architectural


The Kambala community takes great care in its stewardship of the whole girl through celebrating learning, academic excellence, and inspiring young women. We wish each student great success with whatever may come next for her.


Yours sincerely


Shane Hogan